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Explosive Safety Demonstration for Technicians in Industry

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“To put a very real and memorable experience to explosive safety is the purpose of this class. Explosives are dangerous, at Bonetti we will show you exactly what that means.”


All too often in industry technicians are trained by a few videos and then are asked to work every day with energetic material. Often times these personnel have never even seen what energetic materials are capable of doing and therefore do not have a healthy respect for them. Bonetti understands how important actual experiences are for driving home the fundamentals that will keep you safe.   Let Bonetti Explosives take your technicians and give them a day they won’t soon forget. With the added safety of a remote viewing bunker, the technicians can be on site and witness the power of explosives safely.


 Topics Covered:


·         Types of explosives

·         Sensitivity vs. Stability

·         Explosive demonstrations

·         Shape charge effects

·         Overpressure

·         Fragmentation

·         Sources of ignition/detonation

·         Class is from 12 pm - 5pm

·         Lunch provided

·         Bonetti Certificate of Explosive Awareness awarded upon completion

·         All safety equipment provided

·         Indirect viewing bunker for added safety of viewing detonations  


For anyone who works with or around explosive material this class is a must!


 Training Class


Come learn in a safe and comfortable environment today with a professional and experienced staff to answer your questions.


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