Mattanite is Versatile

Mattanite is VERSATILE!!

Use Mattanite as a block charge, linear charge, conical shape charge, sheet explosive, or as a “kiss shaped" bulk explosive (which is great for sympathetic detonations).
Because Mattanite is unconfined by bulky round containers, it can be shaped into any configuration, which is key to transferring optimal explosive energy.
Below are some examples of how to use Mattanite.
120mm Mortar Block Charge:
Here the block is placed higher up on the round so as to break it open.
120mm Mortar Block Charge after:
As you can see the round cracked open. The inner tube is cracked and has a mark on it where the wall of the round slapped it. Notice the imprint of the block on the two halves, slower explosives will not leave this.
3.5 inch Rocket Before:
Using Mattanite as a block to destroy two 3.5 inch rockets.
3.5 inch Rocket in ground:
After the shot it was hard to find the pieces....this ground is not soft.
3.5 in Rocket after:
Couldn’t find one of the fuzes, but these rockets are done.
105mm "kiss charge" before:
Notice that this bag is placed so that if the round has a live fuse/dummy round configuration or is a live round, the hazard will be neutralized. Finally, note that the Mattanite charge is in the “kiss” shape to allow for the explosive to reach maximum velocity before hitting the target.
105mm "kiss charge" after:
This speaks for itself.   You should know that a plug is produced and it does not merily “tear” a hole in the metal, but actually punches out a flyer plate because of its high velocity.
120 tank round before:
Used a .5 inch plate of steel to mash a linear shape in the bag, no metal liner, notice the light between the bag and the round.
120 tank round setup:
Charge is placed ¾ way on the aluminum body and ¼ on steel head, to separate the two.
120 tank round after:
Charge was focused enough to cut and shatter the aluminum band and release the steel head. Remember, no metal liner.
40mm grenade set up:
Mattanite being used as sheet explosive. Simply flatten out the powder until it is 3/8 inch thick, then fold and tape the bag over to create a sheet explosive. This is on four practice 40mm rounds, it works good on small arms and thin skin munitions like this. For thicker ones simply fold it over and get a higher column of explosive on your target. The harder the ground the better for finding your parts....if not they go DEEP.
40mm grenade after:
Couldn’t find one, remember the hard ground thing? Notice the mutilated fuze parts and notice that the centers are mashed out of shape...these little things are tough, but had there been energetic material in them it would have been detonated.
4.2 mortar before:
Here we have a 4.2 inch mortar round and an aluminum cone I found laying around....hmm...shape charge?
4.2 mortar set up:
The bag of Mattanite has been placed over the cone and squeezed to fit around it nice and tight. The cone is so long it serves as its own standoff...Mattanite is forgiving and will often work with improvised material like this so long as it is initiated correctly.
4.2 mortar after:
 Well, that about says it....notice the aluminum splatter around the hole. Note also that the skin was too thin for this charge due to the curved in edges.
Final notes:
 All charges were initiated with a blasting cap in the proper place on the charge.  It is much more practical  to use 18 grain det cord when working in UXO situations. A little extra time will be required when using det cord because in some cases, like the conical shape charge, it must only touch about ½ an inch on the very top to ensure a good jet formation. In all other cases simply tape the det cord to the bag and it’ll fire every time! Most important thing to remember is to KEEP THE INITIATOR ( AP/DET CORD) ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE CHARGE FROM THE TARGET! This cannot be stressed enough and can be the difference between a kick out and a successful sympathetic detonation.
"When it comes to explosives, think about safety, shipping, storage, brisance, price, versatility, and reliability...and you’ll think of Mattanite."


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