Bonetti Explosives understands the need for the professional de-miling of munitions debris. Improper de-miling of military scrap has led to one of the biggest and most fatal problems for the UXO industry. Anyone in the industry can relate to how often items of explosive concern have been tossed into the “scrapper’s pile.” Once this material is in the scrap pile it can then exit into the civilian world where an unsuspecting person can get injured or die. Here at Bonetti we are the final destination for ordnance resembling scrap and we are equipped and trained for all the surprises that that entails. With Bonetti you get a peace of mind knowing that we have taken legal possession and responsibility of your scrap. The staff at Bonetti is made entirely of UXO/EOD personnel who know how to safely dispose of military scrap. Remember, it may be cheaper to let “Joe Scrapper” haul off your ordnance debris, but not only is this against DoD recommendations, it will eventually lead to regret and possible loss of life. For the transition of munitions debris to civilian recycling, let Bonetti handle your scrap!

At Bonetti we have on hand all the heavy equipment needed for any situation.

We handle each item at Bonetti to ensure that your material is properly de-miled.

Each customer gets their own bin/corridor for their material for easy traceability.

We provide:

  • Letter of receiving
  • Proof of Bonetti's legal possession and responsity
  • Confirmed and signed 1348 form
  • Final letters of de-mil and disposal


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