Other Services

 Small Arms Disposal

Bonetti has a disposal system for small arms ammunition (.22-.50 cal). The bullet destructor produces no lead emissions and is therefore a more environmentally friendly method for their disposal. With a process that allows for continuous operation, the bullet destructor also can operate at a competitive price. Through a series of simple yet effective designs, the destructor produces separated metal components ready to be properly recycled. The destructor can handle any size load of ammunition; packaging is not a problem as each lot is handled with care to insure proper function within the disposal system. For information about the destructor or our services please feel free to contact us anytime.

Consumption Program

Bonetti has a program in which we can take your old explosives or other hazardous material.

Blasting Cap Delivery Service

Bonetti Explosives can provide your business with electric blasting caps. With the additional regulations imposed by federal agencies like the ATF, many water well service companies have found it difficult and cost prohibitive to buy and store their own blasting caps. Though you may not need blasting caps on a daily basis, they do come in handy in certain situations and Bonetti Explosives is ready to deliver them wherever and whenever they are needed.

• Possessor of a type 20 Federal Explosives License
• Owner of explosives magazine
• Safety is ALWAYS #1
• Quick, dependable, on-time delivery
• Experts in explosives- can develop ‘specialty products’ for your specific needs

Some Other Blasting Services Include:

• Stump Removal
• Concrete Fracturing
• Ditching
• Entertainment
• Anything too small for an expensive piece of heavy equipment but too big for you!



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