Training for Law Enforcement

IED and Explosives Training for Law Enforcement      

(40 hours of TCLOSE credit)*


In today’s environment, law enforcement officers are faced with the daunting task of serving and protecting the citizens from an ever changing force of crime. With terrorism plaguing the world, it makes good sense that every defender of peace be familiar with the terrorist’s weapon of choice, explosives and IED’s. Bonetti Explosives, LLC is offering a 40 hour course designed to better prepare our law enforcement officers for recognizing and understanding the dangers and awesome power of explosives and IED’s.
       Classes are easy to manage and can be completed at your convience online with the exception of the last 5 hours of onsite demonstration. 
The cost is @225.00 per person
Upon payment an email will be sent to you with a password.
Go to:*
Enter your password and begin the 35-hour online session. This can be spread out as long as need be.
 We will contact each student with their demonstration and exam day. The practical days will be dependent upon the number of students enrolled.  During the 5 hour onsite demonstration day at the Bonetti Demo range, each student will receive the following:
·        5 hours of training by ex-military EOD personnel on explosives and IEDs
·        Watch several live demonstrations including shape  charges, overpressure, brisance and much more
·        Lunch provided
·        Certificate of Completion after final exam with    TCLOSE reporting number
·        All safety equipment provided
·        Indirect viewing bunker for added safety of viewing detonations

For anyone who works with or around explosive material this class is a must!
To reserve your class and directions to the Bonetti Demo range please contact us at (979) 739-5597
* The internet section of the Law Enforcement training is under construction*


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