Explosives Demonstrations

Explosive Demonstrations 
Come feel the power of explosives!
Don’t try this at home! Instead come watch the professionals at Bonetti Explosives provide a day of entertainment in a safe and comfortable environment. Feel the awesome power of high explosives shake the ground, see the pyrotechnic display and witness the destructive power of explosives first hand.
Bonetti Explosives was founded by Matt Barnett, who at an early age was fascinated by explosives and their awesome power. At the age of 7 Matt began making gunpowder with the supervision of his father. After years of close supervision and encouragement Matt explored his chemist interests in his lab and graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in chemistry.  Matt then worked across the U.S. in the UXO field destroying old ordnance by detonation. He later developed the patent pending Mattanite binary explosive and a two-part shape charge. Now after forming Bonetti Explosives LLC, Matt wants to share the wonder of explosives with those that otherwise could only see it on T.V.
·        Class times can be made to accommodate your group
·        Lunch provided
·        Learn basic introduction and history of explosives
·        Watch several shots be set up, blown and view the aftermath
·        Take home “souvenirs” of the blast
 “May we always manage our fear, maintain respect and never lose our wonder of science…. and above all, always press on.”
                   -Matt Barnett
Come Experience the Power Today!  For directions and discount pricing on large groups please call (979) 739-5597
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*This class does not provide information on manufacture of explosives by amateurs nor does it teach any illegal practices.*


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