Bag Charge

MATTANITE Binary Bag Charges

These binary bag charges have been designed with the UXO industry in mind and are well suited to the challenges encountered in civilian UXO operations. When the liquid activator is combined with the solid portion of this product, the resulting explosive is estimated to be nearly 23,000 fps.

This material is moldable and cap sensitive immediately after mixing so long as it stays in the bags provided. Because of the nature of the two components in the unmixed state, no explosive shipping or storage is required.


  • Because MATTANITE can be shipped under limited quantity exemption by UPS and FedEX, shipping costs are drastically reduced.
  • Self inerts in the event of a ripped bag or low order.
  • Reliably detonated by less expensive 18 grain cord, yet not overly sensitive.
  • Moldability allows for cutting costs by doing more with less.
  • Faster than most binaries.
  • When separated, both parts are no more hazardous than household chemicals.
  • No special storage requirements in most states.
  • No wait time after initial mixing.
  • On demand explosive eliminates waste, so buy more and only mix what you need when you need it!

The images below are of a 155mm ejection projectile that has been shot with dual one pound bag charges of MATTANITE binary explosive.



Because of the nature of the MATTANITE mixture, bags are required for the proper functioning. While these bags may at first seem unconventional, they are key to MATTANITE's unique explosive advantages. Learning to use this new product will save you money and time in the UXO field.

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